Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The Drug Epidemic

Ever noticed that the rise in drug use (1980s) coincided exactly at the same time the United States severely restricted involuntary psychiatric institutionalization (1980s)?

There is a reason for that: all drug usage is psychiatric self-medication. Drug users have psychiatric problems and because they don't have access to psychiatric care, invariably turn to drug use. Always.

If George H. W. Bush really desired to have a "war on drugs," he should have done the following in addition to increased police action on minorities, as a "war on drugs" that consists entirely of harsher and merciless criminal sentencing is really a "war on the mentally ill and minorities."

  • Add lithium instead of fluoride to the water. Lithium is known to reduce not only suicide, but also acts of aggression against others. At low dosages, lithium almost acts as a psychiatric panacea.
  • Lowered the age of Medicare eligibility to zero. I wanted to say "have single-payer government health care," but the truth is, the USA already has single-payer government health care, but for some reason, we have an age restriction (65) while other countries like Canada or Sweden do not.
  • Reduce community violence in impoverished areas. It is well-known that violence seen during youth is a causative factor in the development of psychiatric disorders, which is the real causative factor behind drug usage.
  • Oh, and bring back the psychiatric institutionalization whose severe restriction caused the spike in the first place.
I want to say that "hindsight is always twenty twenty," but the truth is, everyone had plenty of knowledge to infer that the reduction of psychiatric care for the needy would result in self-medication, the homelessness epidemic, and increased violence. George H. W. Bush simply did not want to pursue options that wouldn't have given him an excuse to militarize the police.

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